You will be surprised at how many opportunities the internet had to offer to independent or “indie” writer to publish their work today. A more automated activity oriented generation has now become perhaps a more accessible demographic than ever before. With the presence of the internet to help you to connect with millions of people within simply a matter of minutes makes putting your work out for a market much easier. Today, eCommerce has grown tremendously, and it seems people selling all sorts of things rather make transactions online than in real life. Similarly, a more environmentally-conscious population has moved on from using hardcopies of books to eBooks which, with the invention of the Kindle and other such eReaders, have become even more common.

Consequently, as more people have individually the capability of reaching out to potential buyers, there has been an increase in indie artists and writers. Yet, a lot of them still have not learnt the ins and outs of making sales online and therefore feel discouraged as a whole- believing their work is simply not good enough. It has come to general understanding, though, that most writers are likely to find at least a small body of people that could appreciate their work. To reach them, however, is the real challenge.


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The first step is perhaps the most simple and obvious. You must generate content that you would want to put out on the market. A lot of talented writers fail simply because they get sloppy the second it comes to formatting (i.e. converting a manuscript into a well-constructed, user-friendly, eBook) and design. Something as simple and seemingly irrelevant in the moment as a book cover would make a mile of a difference in retrospect. In the process of creating work, writer often disregard these aspects. Fortunately, there are several resources available online that can help you convert your manuscript into a full-fledged eBook. An example of such a website would be, which you could hire to format your book. Moreover websites like offer designing services. While these websites are not free, they are few of the most esteemed in the regard.

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The number of platforms to sell eBooks online is increasing by the day. From small websites, like to larger platforms like Google Play, there is a huge variety to pick from depending on your personal wishes. Some websites require you to pay to publish your work whereas others simply take commission off the sales you make. The ones that make you pay are obviously expensive but may have a better following of customers, helping you reach a larger market. It is all essentially about weighing out your pros and cons, so such decisions must be well thought through because they may determine the future of your work.

A writer may get overwhelmed at the numerous options but when choosing where to publish their work, they must consider several things. Think: what is the genre of your eBook? Different publishing websites often tend to be more popular for publishing good content within a certain genre. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, for example, grew to feature more fan-fiction as opposed to other kinds of works. Keep things like this in mind when selecting a platform for your piece of work.

There is no one way you are guaranteed success. However, keeping these tips and mind will undoubtedly increase your chances of it. The key is to keep at your work regardless of the initial results for things can change in just a moment and